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  1. Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay New Sheriff: mh.nap (Drake Colefield) Hi all, Sheriff Adam Thompson has stepped down from the position of Sheriff due to real life commitments, we greatly thank him for his time and contribution to the department. Hopefully you'll see him around as a Deputy! Thank you to all who applied for the Sheriff position, we have found our new Sheriff! Sheriff Drake Colefield has both real life and in character law enforcement experience, and we trust that he'll bring the law and order needed to Los Santos. For those within the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Colefield will reach out to you all soon, preferably in character to catch up with you and introduce himself. We look forward to seeing what can come, and if you're interested in working for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, please contact Sheriff Colefield. Regards, Psihusky Community Director