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    Thanks for picking those up rsd, awesome spotting! Have been fixed.
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    i found some sections with some wording needs be amended section 7 - note section says the section is belongs to vehicles - so the note should be These are the vehicle rules which are in place to maintain order and stability in the server. section 3.5 should be Deathmatching is prohibited
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    Looked over the rules, and found a few issues that I'll outline below. Feedback is appreciated. 2.4. Do not contacting developers directly Correction: Should read "Do not contact developers directly." 2.6. AFKing Leaving your computer or in any manner tabbing out or going AFK should not be done in a public area, please be inside your private home or the welcome center. Potential Punishment: 7 day suspension - Really 7 days for afking in public? Suggestion: Require people to use an AFK tag, can be the same as a character tag. Three warnings for non-use and a 1 day ban otherwise. (Though I am personally against AFK bans in any regard.) 2.15. External Websites Comment: I can see the concern and fear of external websites, but many RP business and companies use them or already have them set up. Banning use of external websites for RP purposes is unnecessary. Suggestion: A simple warning that "PZG" is not responsible for content or the safety of external websites would suffice. Metagaming in any form is against the rules, no matter where the information is gathered. Special Characters " Special Characters are characters which have a particular subset of skills (superior strength, shooting, stamina, etc), such as but not limited to: Mentally Challenged Skilled Martial Artists Members of Special Operations Forces These characters must have Upper Administration Team approval prior to roleplaying as such." Comment: HA! Everyone and their brother is a god damn soldier, ex-soldier, special-ops, robo cop or SEAL. They can all shoot perfectly and have more combat training than anyone else. This is going to be entertaining to see enforced. Start with everyone in the SD, FD, and any Mafia. 3.6.1. Player Kills Comment: Eh? There is currently no life hud of any sort in use sim-wide. Is this something that will be implemented? Any sort of IC death should first have to be approved by the character who is to die. A "Player Kill" resulting in incapacitation, but not actual death shouldn't be referred to as a "kill". In my opinion this hurts continuity and canon. This is where SL RP of this type differs from GTA or another MMO. I'd eliminate player kills completely. 3.6.2. Character Kills Comment: "Script wise" eh? "Applications?" This and the above was just copied from Owl Gaming's website wasn't it? Same with the above. Applications shouldn't be needed for a character kill. If anything a notification to be sent to Admin notifying them of the character's death, again the decision should be up to the character who is to die and no-one else. through Comment: All this is unnecessary text, being "almost killed" or "incapacitated" as a result of any of the actions listed here is valid. Incapacitation to the result of being out of the RP for the remainder of its duration, hospitalized, etc. are all valid outcomes. However, again, it should be up to the character's owner to decide if that character should be permanently "killed" (There should be no-other type of death) as a result of their actions. No group, administrator, or other RPer should decide that for them without their approval. 3.14. LEO Presence "Always act like there is a heavy LEO presence, even if there is lack thereof." Comment: There's no reason to act if there is a "HEAVY" presence, as this is unrealistic even in RL. It should be assumed there are at least a couple deputies (NPC or real) available at any given time. 8.4. Weapon Licenses Correction: Remove references to Los Santos. 8.5. NPCs & Shops Correction: Remove references to Los Santos/ GTA. 9. Faction Rules Comment: This reads like GTA, infact it's a direct copy of the Owl faction rules. I suggest revising to remove references to GTA and to better suit SL. See above comments on Player Kills. 10.4. Property Break-Ins, Robberies & Theft Comment: Also from GTA, character hours eh? Revise to better fit with SL's limitations. Rewriting is needed. 10.4.5. Character Robberies Comment: See comments on Player Kills above. 10.4.7. Vehicle Theft Comment: Most of this is unnecessary. Again this is for GTA not SL. Revise accordingly.
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