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    Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay Development Roadmap This roadmap represents a snapshot of delivered and upcoming features to Los Santos Roleplay. Whilst the team are committed to delivering on the below outlined roadmap, note that priorities may change and that features may be removed or added. General Loading Screen PLANNED VoIP Radio System DELIVERED Character Development Multiple Character Support DELIVERED Map Pillbox Hill Medical Center (Interior) DELIVERED Job Specific Law Enforcement LEO Job & Ranks IN PROGRESS Department Vehicles DELIVERED Police Helicopter Camera DELIVERED CAD & MDT System IN PROGRESS Emergency Medical Service EMS Job & Ranks DELIVERED Department Vehicles PLANNED Fire Department Firefighter Job & Ranks PLANNED Department Vehicles PLANNED Random Fire Callouts (Firecalls) PLANNED MDT & CAD System Base CAD System DELIVERED Integrate with Server Characters PLANNED Integrate with 911/Auto Dispatch PLANNED Prison System Basic (Timer) Jail System IN PROGRESS Prison Regime PLANNED Prison Breakout System PLANNED Check the edit details for last updated.
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