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  2. What is the suggestion: add in the Honda CBR 1000rr What are the advantages? (List each in new line) gives a custom vehicle to people that are non-cops What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2017-cbr-1000rr-digital-dials-liveries-template https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-cbr1000rr-motors-garage-razor https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-cbr1000rr How would you go about implementing this idea?
  3. Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assignee to Michael Woods
  4. What is the suggestion: Making business account balance visible to owners. What are the advantages? Owners can see funds they have available to pay employees, give bonuses, or even decide proper wages based on income. What are the disadvantages? I cant think of any. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? no How would you go about implementing this idea? Make a tab under the owner command to check balance.
  5. I dont believe we have these vehicles exactly, maybe something similar. @Dusty Miller If you are willing to work up some livery's I can work on getting them put together for our use.
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  7. @Psihusky I just want to say cause i forgot to put it in there i found a location to use its the garage behind mission Row its got a roll gate in front i thinkk its called hanleys autobody or something like that
  8. Thanks for the information, that helps clear a lot of things up. I'm sure there's a few "car enthusiasts" who would be interested in this kind of thing.
  9. What is the suggestion: A Custom tuning shop where we would offer custom vehicle tuning repairs and upgrades for people at a lower price What are the advantages? Civilian Ran Creates good RP Help the Economy Player Ran Company What are the disadvantages? Can only be open when people are online may take a bit of scripting or added things Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? None At the moment How would you go about implementing this idea? This would be a private job assigned in game that would grant people with that job access to the shop and the features. I would contact the admins for any people who have been hired or i myself would give them the permission. This job would be called Exp. Tuner1. We would offer repairs, upgrades, and custom tunes. The upgrades would be given at a cheaper price then at a normal garage. I would like to see these upgrades placed as free so that people can look at there vehicles cosmetics and things without having to constantly pay and then we would issue them the billing through the f6 menu giving them an invoice allowing them to pay straight from their bank, or they could pay the mechanic that helped them with a hand to hand transaction. People with this job title would be able to access the f6 menu which would include a billing, impound, and repair option. Inside of our shop we would have a area that would allow us to access the garage menu where we could implement all upgrades, and cosmetics for all vehicles. We would also have a repair area just outside the building still within our locked doors compound that would allow only people with that job title to fully repair vehicles. These areas would be identified by a colored circle on the ground that would only be seen by those with the job or only be able to be accessed by those with the job. (start at 3:00 minutes till end of video or however long needed. It demonstrates how the chip could be used and what exactly it does.) These tuning chips could possible be sold in a store that only people with the job title can access or this could be used as a f6 feature that possible brings up an overlay.
  10. I think we may already have this... @Prospect?
  11. What is the suggestion: I've listed a few links to a better unmarked 2018 Charger and a Marked 2018 Charger as the current only one is used by LSPD and is overly used. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) - More Modern technology with the updated year of vehicle, it is the most commonly and effectively used vehicle and requested by popular demand among many departments with the AWD functions and added horsepower, it makes for a good patrol vehicle and a good pursuit vehicle. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) - None listed, this is primarily an advantage for police. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/23605-non-elsfivem-2018-dodge-charger-slicktopundercover/ https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/22654-non-elsfivem-2018-dodge-charger-ppv-reflective/ How would you go about implementing this idea? These don't seem to have liveries on them, implenting it would be in the best interest for each agency to keep up to date with modern vehicles and the changing times. I can also create liveries for these if need be as it doesn't look like they have anything besides the Sheriff ones.
  12. Psihusky


    Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay Update | 0.7.4 Highlights New Rooms added to Mission Row Police Station San Andreas State Police / Highway Patrol Station Vehicle Crash Blackouts Notable Features Added 3d /me back New rooms added to Mission Row Police Station (allowing for mug shots, interrogation & evidence storage) New San Andreas State Police / Highway Patrol station down in La Mesa Added blacking out from severe vehicle crashes Improvements Hospitalization now satisfies thirst and hunger. Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks All properties have had a 0 dropped of them. i.e. $3,500,000 is now $350,000 (this will be changed to better market value Rentals are now 10% of the price instead of 20% Rentals will now no longer charge you if you're not in the server (they use to charge you everyday even if you weren't on) #thiefs Changed ambulance locales to better fit in with lore e.g. "respawn" is now "NPC ambulance" Bug Fixes Stopped charging players for rent when they weren't online Street Label no longer shows up on character selection screen Fixed trunk not being loaded Known Bugs Other Changes Better checks to stop cash running into negative balance Closing Remarks We're doing a lot of economy balancing at this time, and would love your input here Last Commit: 509a95c8
  13. Howdy all, I wanted to get a good discussion on economy, the good and bad, where we can improve it, etc. At this time, we are looking for a realistic/controllable economy but still being able to have fun in the game. Our current way of thinking with money & the economy You should be able to play the game without having to constantly have issues with money. You should respect that money has a significant value. Fines should be set to a fair amount where it hurts financially but not kills you. (FYI, you have 7 real days to pay fines before warrants are issued). Crime should pay, but not make you filthy rich in a few hits. Crime should not be the main aim and source of getting rich, it should be hard work, very risky but rewarding. Dirty money is the median for crime and controlling the economy, most crimes should pay dirty money to help balance the economy via time. Dirty money should be an economy in itself, but significantly less value than non-dirty money. Dirty money should allowed to be used in tendering for illegal goods, at a higher price (e.g. black market weapons). Legal methods of gaining money should be an abundance and easily accessible, and the safer preferred method of obtaining money. You should be focused on roleplay, and not grinding money (roleplaying your job is not considered grinding money). You should gain money at a reasonable rate, have some living expenses/taxes to "bring money back into the system". Money should be moved between player to player interactions, preferably over back into "the system". (e.g. shops, mechanics, etc). Player to player shops & interactions can be set at any (reasonable) price, with non-player shops at a premium, to encourage player interactions. As time goes on, the economy will grow with the players, more players means more money in the economy, meaning more ways to get money. We still want it to be fun. Why we're careful & the ripple effect Playing with an economy is something that can cause significant issues later down the track and near future. We want money to have value and significance. An example of the ripple effect: Raising everyone's paychecks Money becomes less valuable. Everyone is able to buy everything. There is no "working" for anything anymore since it will be owned. Fines become less cared about since they can just be paid for. Crime will significantly increase since repercussions are lowered. Prices of items will need to be increased. (e.g. Bread will be $30 instead of $7 to help balance) Unrealistic $ values will hurt immersion & realism. Higher prices will seem unachievable to newer players. Players are able to obtain higher performance vehicles Results in higher crime as getaways are more easier. Everyone is speeding around in high performance cars Unrealistically, will hurt immersion & realism A problem & the solutions Seeing problems that occur relating to money, usually have a couple of fixes. An example of a problem is "houses are too expensive". Considering the above, will create more problems than it will solve, we can ask ourselves a few questions and hope to find a few solutions: Why are "houses too expensive"? Because the prices were not set from the default script. What can we do to better this? Fix the prices to be more realistic Lower the prices Provide options of finance: loans, rentals, etc. All of these are solutions to the problem of "houses are too expensive", and doesn't require raising money elsewhere to fix the problem when the problem is only in one spot. This same scenario can be applied to vehicles & vehicle modifications. If the above solution does not work, then we can look at other ways we can better, before putting a massive boost to the economy. (And yes, we're aware the above scenario is current, and we're currently working on fixing it, hence a good example). What to discuss below? We're looking for people with the same mindset & opposing mindset for a healthy discussion about what we can do to better the economy. What we're looking for: Discussion about more jobs which can better the economy Discussion about where NPCs could be involved to help better pays (e.g. taxi & mechanic have NPC jobs) Discussion about more ways to introduce money into the economy (as opposed to just "increasing pay") Jobs where the pay doesn't match what it should be (both too high pay or too low pay) Items or properties where the price doesn't match what it should be Additions & methods to help with realism & balance (e.g. loans) Notes on where we can improve with pricing, real world examples are great Things where you feel it's fairly priced, advantaged and we've done well Things where you feel it's unfair or disadvantaged and haven't done well Anything else you think is valuable to discuss regarding the economy (provided it isn't one of the bad things below) What we're not looking for: "Just increase the pay/money" [with no examples of why] (you obviously didn't read anything above) Non-healthy & toxic like behaviour/arguments (if your post is edited or removed, you can assume this is the case) "It's too hard to get money" - thank you, we know, hence, this topic. Some useful information to know Paychecks are set to what the average hourly wage is in California (some are modified slightly to better suit pay grades & ranks in game). Some jobs require you to put money into them before getting paid (e.g. mechanic & taxi driver). (As of 0.7.4) Paychecks are every 7 minutes which is 3.5 GTA hours, and you are paid for 3.5 hours of work, every 3.5 hours. (As of 0.7.4) Properties were lowered significantly, including rent. Legal weapons at Ammu-Nation are "legally" obtainable in America & prices set according to market value. Illegal weapons at Black Market Dealers are "illegal" in America & prices set according to market value. Property prices have not been properly reviewed, so good discussion here. Vehicle prices have never been reviewed, so good discussion here. A "mine" system is coming into play eventually, which will act like the weed manufacturing, but be a legal means of "farming" money. Other illegal drugs will be coming into play, which will need manufacturing, etc. Disclaimer & Before Replying To This Topic We're open to discussion about this, we do have a "mindset" of what it is we want to achieve with the economy. Not everyone will agree with this mindset, but we're looking to create a carefully balanced economy and server, as opposed to most other servers where bread costs you $300. We are looking for feedback on how to better flourish the economy, rather than make it easy and just "flood it with money". Please ensure you have read everything above before replying.
  14. Absolutely be white listed. Could be a "Apply for Retirement" option. Or, as you said, Talk to an admin. Or both.
  15. Changed Status to Completed
  16. This has been implemented as of 0.7.2
  17. I like the idea of having to go and source the car from a small list, then bring it to a place for chopping/selling. Will keep this open for discussion and see everyone's thoughts. But as Michael said, there is currently something like this that exists and does pay a significant amount of money.
  18. Changed Status to Accepted Changed Assignee to Psihusky
  19. I like this idea, it would be whitelisted to prevent abuse, but a simple contact to an admin should be able to get this sorted.
  20. Psihusky


    Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay Update | 0.7.3 Highlights San Andreas State Parks - Plant a Tree Program has boomed! New City Hall Interior to provide services Notable Features Added cedar forest to Los Santos County along Senora Freeway Added city hall interior Improvements Better checks on fuel Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Increase mechanic payout from $15-$30 to $100-$400 Increase talking & shouting distance with TokoVOIP Bug Fixes Applied fix for #178 "Not enough cash" when refueling Applied temp fix for #191 TokoVOIP stuck on Initializing after 08/07/2019 FiveM Update (currently monitoring the situation) Fixed trunk inventory not starting up properly Disabled trainsportation which allowed players to spawn multiple trains, has been replaced by another automated train system. Known Bugs Other Changes Added scripts in the backend to better handle server crashes Updated fuel system Closing Remarks PLEASE! Put your bugs here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs/ For those who keep reporting bugs to me in person, I will forget, your bugs will not get fixed, and everyone is sad! It's really easy and all you need to do is fill in the blanks. We currently have over 59 open issues on our issue tracker, and when people come to me and say "Hey this doesn't work", unfortunately I cannot wave a magic wand to fix this! Please put it on as a bug report so we can get all the important information needed to fix it, we can keep track of it, and keep you updated with it. If you have lost money due to a bug, it must be a reported bug in order for you to be compensated. Further, if you have a great suggestion no matter how big or small, please put it on the ideas portal: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/ We read all of them, and are interested in how you guys want the future of the server to go. Last Commit: f652a36f
  21. This idea is practically already done, there is a job on the docks that anyone can do where you choose to steal a car and you need to drive it to a set location, you don't have time but your location is being pinged to the police. You are paid in dirty money and will need to wash the money to use it as clean money.
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