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  6. Notable Features New Character Creation New Character Register SteetScope for Helicopters Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Adjusted Fuel cost and efficiency Adjusted status symbols Hiding map unless in vehicle Improvements Added a auto restart to the server Autorestart is set for every 24 hours, It will start a 15 minute wait after to check if someone has joined, if someone is on the server it will not restart until everyone has left the server, then begin a grace 15 minutes again after the time is up the server will restart. Updated the ATM and Banks Players skin will now save facial details, including; Mother Father Blushes Makeup etc. Bug Fixes Fixed Fuel not working Fixed tuner laptop freezing game Fixed additional foods giving drunkness Fixed Jewels not being sellable Fixed Extra code on Window cleaner job that had debug code left over Fixed Loading screen background
  7. Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay New Sheriff: mh.nap (Drake Colefield) Hi all, Sheriff Adam Thompson has stepped down from the position of Sheriff due to real life commitments, we greatly thank him for his time and contribution to the department. Hopefully you'll see him around as a Deputy! Thank you to all who applied for the Sheriff position, we have found our new Sheriff! Sheriff Drake Colefield has both real life and in character law enforcement experience, and we trust that he'll bring the law and order needed to Los Santos. For those within the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Colefield will reach out to you all soon, preferably in character to catch up with you and introduce himself. We look forward to seeing what can come, and if you're interested in working for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, please contact Sheriff Colefield. Regards, Psihusky Community Director
  8. G'day all, We are currently seeking expressions of interest from skilled people interested in joining our growing volunteer team! About us We make worlds and characters come to life, providing the environments and tools for diverse story development. Our current project is Los Santos Roleplay, an up and coming lore friendly* roleplay community that encourages storylines with the primary focus being on character development. With jobs to get you started ranging from working at a vineyard or owning a nightclub to working your way up the ladder to run a criminal organization, you will be able to live your life in San Andreas the way you want. With an active and friendly staff, we are available for community support and are constantly taking player feedback to make improvements to the community. We are not just trying to be another RP server we are looking at innovative ways to separate ourselves with things like a custom built MDT and strong character development. We continue to try and push the boundaries on things to find a way we can make it better and truly make your experience within San Andreas unique and most of all fun. Our Goals are: Be Fun - there’s no point if it’s not fun. Be Immersive - while we say “realistic”, we really mean immersive. 100% realism isn’t fun, but we want you to feel immersed in your character and the world. Be Professional - we look to develop and focus a professional server, clean interfaces, keeping the focus on what matters. Who are we after? We're currently looking for anyone with experience in the following... Positions currently available: Director of Administration Senior Administrators Administrators Events Manager Assistant Events Manager Event Administrators Faction Manager Assistant Faction Manager Support Manager Support Staff Media Team Programmers Asset Developers If you have years of experience, are really talented at what you do, and possess a skill set that would help us create better experiences for our players, please apply. We're happy to be convinced that we need a molecular biologist or mathematician or an foundry worker, but the onus is on you to do so. Please note that at this time we are unable to take any inexperienced applicants. Applicants should expect to hear back within 48 hours. Please submit your Expression of Interest for Staff here: Just interested in roleplay? We are also looking to fill multiple leadership & essential roles within the server, these include: Sheriff Deputy Sheriff EMS Director EMS Firefighters The Lost MC President Car Dealership Los Santos Customs Please submit your Expression of Interest for a Whitelisted Leadership Role here: If you have any questions about any of the roles, please check out our Discord: Best regards, Psihusky
  9. Bug Fixes Fixed duplication exploit, present in ESX gamemode.
  10. Notable Features Upgraded to a more powerful server Upgraded to OneSync we have 64 slots so double the room! Added Car Meeting Spots Patron names are on the Vinewood, limited spots available. Added Golf! Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks You can now pick-up items using E instead of just walking over them. Decluttered the Map UI by removing all ATM blips and only keeping the closest ATM too you. Adjusted scoreboard to include 64 players Adjusted Discord tag to include 64 players New Loading screen images Added BCSO Chevy Tahoe K9 to the Police garage Added Police Golf Cart, no illegal putts Improvements Fail the DMV test straight away if you make too many mistakes instead of having to do the whole test and then fail even though you know you failed before. Upgraded the clothes shop with a complete overhaul Bug Fixes Fixed OneSync bug with interacting with others Fixed OneSync bug when modding vehicles they were invisible Fixed Pistachios getting you drunk Fixed Phone numbers, all those who didn't have a phone number has been given a new number, check your phone settings to reveal your new allocated phone number.
  11. Notable Features Updated PillBox with new model Also hasn't crashed since update Updated k90 unit textures Updated BCSO vehicle textures Updated BCSO Uniforms Added in Arena for future jobs and mini-games Added spawning from character selection Added in drunkenness when drinking alcohol Added no fly zone Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Gave Burger Shot food to sell Reduced damage from melee weapons to prevent instant kill Improvements Removed unused features from taking extra resources from the server. Since no server hitches have happened. Rewrote reticle script to be more performant Rewrote whistle script to be more performant Rewrote search algorithms for Soda Machine to be performant Rewrote distance checks for Postal to be more performant Updated server to the latest version for stability Bug Fixes Graceful error checking to prevent NPC drug sales from disabling Disabled Motel model due to crashing Removed cross arms script conflict Updated unused models to prevent crashing Fixed jail clothes
  12. Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Added whitelisted weapons to prevent police alerts Added blacklisted locations to prevent incorrect police alerts Improvements Added food options to Burgershot Optimized serveral more scripts Rewrote noreticle Added optimizing functions for soda machines Changed maths functions to speed up calculations Added timecycles during purchasing cars to prevent texture loss Bug Fixes Fixed Vehicle Storage being picky not letting all vehicles be stored Fixed starting spawn positions Fixed Holstering guns Fixed Script hang warnings Fixed Discord Log Bot Fixed Unequipting weapons Fixed being able to sell to the same NPC Expolit
  13. Notable Features Emergency radio is back, police officers and ambulance officers open your inventory and drag the radio on "Use" Set your channel and in the top right you should see what channel is in use. Replaced holster weapon with a new system so that parachutes will work. Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Rebalanced stress system with new numbers, now only stressed when doing stressful actions May need tweaks again Improvements Updated server to latest stable build Huge performance fixes Adjusted and updated postal Adjusted and updated street label Adjusted and updated prevent ai dropping guns Rewrote npc drug sales Total saving 1.7 ms @ 60fps = 3~4fps increase Bug Fixes Backend logging fixed to help debug errors Fixed phones to work with TokoVoip
  14. What is the suggestion: *In general, the idea is to buff the cannabis harvesting, but just slightly. I was more thinking of the idea to increase the amount of leafs you get from each Marijuana plant, from 1 leaf to 2-3.. maybe even add a precentage system. (Like, you have a 60% to get 1 leaf, 30% to get 2 leafs. and 10% to get 3 leafs) *I also would love to see having the chance of selling to NPC buffed up a bit, maybe even mark zones on the map with increased chances of NPC's buying from you ( Like gang infested areas, Grove Street, Biker camps, etc). Maybe even buff the chances to sell it to NPC at night. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) *Makes it easier for players who are more focusing on the illegal path of gameplay to establish a decent financial status * It will draw more players to the illegal factions, will increase the work for the legal factions (Law Enforcement in general) and make it much more fun for both sides. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Will increase crime rate, though at the end of day it'll increase roleplay oppertunities. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? Dont think it'll be relevant. How would you go about implementing this idea? Honestly I have been grinding for over 4 hours now trying to make some decent money, but it took me just about 4 hours give or take to make a little over 10k.. having the whole thing buffed up a tiny bit sure will help. and what will help the most, is getting a tiny bit more leafs from the Marijuana plants to begin with, though its not a major change, but it will do the job.
  15. What is the suggestion: to add new fire dept cars and trucks to make the fire dept new and look better than the base game fire trucks What are the advantages? (List each in new line) better looking fire dept more realistic looking fire dept What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) the work to set them up Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? for the trucks for the cars for the ambos How would you go about implementing this idea? would help where i can to get them in to game and try to start up a fire dept was told by Psihusky to put this here
  16. Notable Features Upgrades done to Los Santos Customs Upgrades done to Benny's Customs Added Bahama Mamas (How did we forget it!) Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Disabled Christmas Improvements Updated IPL loader (Makes the map load parts, it goes faster and there is more map now) Bug Fixes Created a crash logger, to help diagnose issues, please submit Bug Reports if you crash, please also submit the log that the crash outputs it will save so much time ❤️ Moved the hotel room that was in the middle of the road.
  17. Notable Features Updates to TokoVOIP to use the latest build *Make sure you update your TeamSpeak and Plugin to the latest build Improvements Added the option to lock vehicles, just press "E" twice. Bug Fixes You can now remove tattoos from yourself, the previous plugin didn't allow it so we added it.
  18. Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Removed snow Bug Fixes Fixed purchased vehicles being able to store them in your garage. Fixed police blips showing when a new officer joins the server.
  19. This is better as a bug report, please let the development team know here:
  20. This is better as a bug report, please let the development team know here:
  21. Did not realize the fueler job was in a tractor trailer when I posted this. But this would still be a cool job to haul a variety of freight to different companies.
  22. I have the script the requires a person to actually have a tuning chip to upgrade the car. This would make it more of a job for someone than just everyone be able to do it.
  23. What is the suggestion: Adding a more legit black market for the arms trade What are the advantages? (List each in new line) This would give a more immersive feel to buy weapons on a underground market. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) no real disadvantages. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? I would implement this and remove the map Icon as you would not be able to set your GPS to a underground arms trader. This would add something which the player would have to hunt for which in my experience brings them back.
  24. What is the suggestion: A Trucking job What are the advantages? (List each in new line) Adds another none criminal job for civs to do that would give them a reason to explore the map as a whole. Trucking is also a very lucrative career. So it could be a dissent way for someone to earn a living. It would bring a new version of cop RP as they would have to preform DOT inspections on the vehicles (I could help with this as this is what I do for a living) What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Time it would take staff to implement these changes. Time it would take to educate law enforcement how to handle a CMV stop. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea?
  25. Something that annoys me is when you sit in a vehicle and want to drive with an xbox controller. A = Opens phone B = Opens emote menu BACK = Opens Interaction menu D-PAD UP = Shows leaderboard/players online Keyboard stuff: PAGE UP doesnt do anything. C for crouch doesnt do anything. DEL doesnt do anything. U doesnt do anything, but L does. L instead of U for set cruise control.
  26. Key Changes Notable Features Added additional hospital features Added new interior buildings Police Department Davis Bounty Night clubs Added Snow and Christmas deco Added Less leathal shotgun for police takedowns Improvements Added a lot food and drink to various stores, mainly Robs Liquor and other Liquor bars Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Changed TokoVoip waiting channel to be clear which room to wait in Bug Fixes Fixed a missing weapons shop on the west side of San Andreas Closed, Job payment fixes Closed, Cruise Control and Emergency lighting bound to the same key Closed, Mechanic Marker missing Closed, Not being able to purchse money with money on hand Closed, Reviving refilling all items to maximum Closed, Aditional animations Closed, Guns dropping on spawn Closed, Errors with Fuel Closed, No preview of vehcile parts before purchase Closed, World disappearing when selecting vehicles - User Error (Hardware) Closed, Adjusting vehicle prices
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