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    • Howdy all, We're looking at fine tuning the way you interact with certain things, including vehicles, people, etc. We notice a lot of other servers will have a lot of /commands which can become overwhelming and a lot of them. We also understand that having everything bound to keyboard keys can raise the same issue, cause problems with controllers and we run out of keys. We'd like to aim to having most tasks that require 1 thing to be done, done via the E key & a hint text to do this (e.g. locking doors, using vending machines, etc). This obviously cannot cover everything but hopefully can simplify gameplay. We'd like everyone's thoughts on this & suggestions on the poll. Thanks & have fun, Psihusky
    • Priority Zero Gaming Information New Staff: Spurr_Almighty & Jet Flyer Howdy all, It is with great pleasure I welcome our new staff. Thanks to those who showed their interest, and congratulations to those who have made it through to the staff team. We look forward to seeing what you can bring to the community! Promotions @Justin Wildwood (Spurr_Almighty) - Promoted to Trial Administrator @Jet Flyer - Promoted to Helper   Thank you and congratulations. Kind regards, Psihusky Community Director
    • Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay Update | 0.9.0 Highlights Vengelico Jewelry Store is now open! Over 600+ NPC Models New State Police Liveries   Notable Features Add notepad Add more police cars to police garage Added 80% chance of loosing balance when you jump (help counter bunnyhopping) Add illegal drugs Added Muscle Beach Gym, Membership and some Gym Items Added chopshop Added new SASP liveries to chargers (great work @Dusty Miller) Added tunerchip (please request access for this) Added 600+ npc skins to choose from when creating a character (just change the sex) Add Vengelico which is can be robbed with 3 cops online. You can smash cases, and then sell the jewels behind You Tool. Add Window Cleaner Job. Added 26 stock GTA vehicles to car dealership Improvements Add ability to rob clothing stores Customized NPCs per shop to be better suited Plates are now AB123CDF to be consistent with rest of traffic. Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Lowered vehicle and pedestrian density from 1.0 to 0.3 to increase performance Lowered cost of parking your vehicle from 200 to 50. Increased time starving will make you "die" Renamed Weed Dealer to "Smoke On The Water" Bug Fixes Fix handcuffs not giving back screens, menu access, etc, when being uncuffed. Stop autodispatch for police activity (e.g. police shooting) Fixed impounded sandy shores vehicles spawning on the roof. Fixed hunting not being available Fixed speed limiter (it's back!) press L to limit speed, and L to reset. Fix chat box styling Fix Smoke On The Dealer giving black/dirty money, should now give normal money. Known Bugs Other Changes Remove checks for driving on footpatch and wrong side of the road when doing DMV tests Changed loading screen music Closing Remarks Thanks for your patience, I know it's been a while since I've put out a changelog. Have been busy in real life, and busy working on stuff on the server. Thanks everyone for their feedback on everything. Special shout out to @Justin Wildwood for his help, if you see him, say thanks!   As always... Is something broken this update? Please let us know here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs/lossantos/ Think something can be done better? Discuss and add them here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/lossantos/ What model or new character will you create? Leave a comment below!    
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