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    • I want to be able to play with others
    • Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay New Sheriff: mh.nap (Drake Colefield) Hi all, Sheriff Adam Thompson has stepped down from the position of Sheriff due to real life commitments, we greatly thank him for his time and contribution to the department. Hopefully you'll see him around as a Deputy! Thank you to all who applied for the Sheriff position, we have found our new Sheriff! Sheriff Drake Colefield has both real life and in character law enforcement experience, and we trust that he'll bring the law and order needed to Los Santos. For those within the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Colefield will reach out to you all soon, preferably in character to catch up with you and introduce himself. We look forward to seeing what can come, and if you're interested in working for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, please contact Sheriff Colefield. Regards, Psihusky Community Director
    • G'day all, We are currently seeking expressions of interest from skilled people interested in joining our growing volunteer team! About us We make worlds and characters come to life, providing the environments and tools for diverse story development. Our current project is Los Santos Roleplay, an up and coming lore friendly* roleplay community that encourages storylines with the primary focus being on character development. With jobs to get you started ranging from working at a vineyard or owning a nightclub to working your way up the ladder to run a criminal organization, you will be able to live your life in San Andreas the way you want. With an active and friendly staff, we are available for community support and are constantly taking player feedback to make improvements to the community. We are not just trying to be another RP server we are looking at innovative ways to separate ourselves with things like a custom built MDT and strong character development. We continue to try and push the boundaries on things to find a way we can make it better and truly make your experience within San Andreas unique and most of all fun. Our Goals are: Be Fun - there’s no point if it’s not fun. Be Immersive - while we say “realistic”, we really mean immersive. 100% realism isn’t fun, but we want you to feel immersed in your character and the world. Be Professional - we look to develop and focus a professional server, clean interfaces, keeping the focus on what matters. Who are we after? We're currently looking for anyone with experience in the following... Positions currently available: Director of Administration Senior Administrators Administrators Events Manager Assistant Events Manager Event Administrators Faction Manager Assistant Faction Manager Support Manager Support Staff Media Team Programmers Asset Developers If you have years of experience, are really talented at what you do, and possess a skill set that would help us create better experiences for our players, please apply. We're happy to be convinced that we need a molecular biologist or mathematician or an foundry worker, but the onus is on you to do so. Please note that at this time we are unable to take any inexperienced applicants. Applicants should expect to hear back within 48 hours. Please submit your Expression of Interest for Staff here: https://forms.gle/N48s58S77BKMZqaT8 Just interested in roleplay? We are also looking to fill multiple leadership & essential roles within the server, these include: Sheriff Deputy Sheriff EMS Director EMS Firefighters The Lost MC President Car Dealership Los Santos Customs Please submit your Expression of Interest for a Whitelisted Leadership Role here: https://forms.gle/VZiRgzSJSTdkqVsr8 If you have any questions about any of the roles, please check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/yg6w7Zz   Best regards, Psihusky  
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